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Chakrabarti v. USCIS Update – September 30, 2021




Chakrabarti v. USCIS Update – September 30, 2021

Our team is continuing to fight to preserve visa numbers and get your cases adjudicated. As you know, yesterday the judge split all the cases up and sent them to various district courts across the country. Right now we are working on requests for emergency injunctions, to allow any or all of these judges to reserve visa numbers until there is a ruling on the original Preliminary Injunction. The judge in Maryland did not make a decision on the preliminary injunction, which means it now goes to all the individual judges. We hope at least one judge will rule to reserve all unused visa numbers. Although we may not have any decisions today, we believe that any judge can and should reserve visa numbers even after September 30.

Since your cases are all now set individually instead of as a group, it is even more critical that you update us through the update form on the status of your case. Should you learn your case has been adjudicated, congratulations but also please do update our form so we can appropriately dismiss the case with the district court. You can provide your update here.

We will be in touch with you as soon as we can with more information.

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