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Federal Immigration Court Attorney

Federal Immigration Court Attorney

The majority of immigration requests or matters happen on the administrative level, with several government agencies processing immigration applications, deportation cases, and more. However, there might come a time when you need to challenge an administrative decision – or an immigration policy or law in general. In such situations, the team of skilled immigration lawyers from IMMpact Litigation can help. 

When you need to initiate immigration litigation, you must do so in federal court, as immigration laws are enacted and enforced on the federal level. Federal courts have different procedures and rules than state courts, and you always want an experienced federal immigration court attorney on your side. 

Federal District Court

The equivalent of state trial-level courts is the United States District Courts. These courts have jurisdiction over different types of cases, including immigration matters. There are 94 federal district courts, with at least one in every state, the District of Columbia, and four U.S. territories. 

These are fact-finding courts, and they hear cases at the trial level. Some cases our legal team files in various U.S. District Courts include:

  • Denial of Application for Naturalization Hearing – If your application for U.S. citizenship is denied or delayed, we can take action in district court to appeal the decision or get the process moving.
  • APA Challenges – When an immigration law or policy is wrongful, our team can challenge it by filing a federal district court claim under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).
  • Mandamus Litigation – If an agency is refusing to rule on your immigration case, and you exhaust all administrative remedies without a resolution, we can file a writ of mandamus in federal trial court to compel the agency to make a decision.
  • Habeas Corpus – If you or a loved one is detained by immigration officials without being brought before an immigration judge, we can file a writ of habeas corpus to either challenge the detention or removal order against you. 

All of these are complex immigration litigation matters, and the federal district court rules and procedures only make things more difficult. You can rely on our team to handle this litigation process for you. 

Federal Circuit Court of Appeals

If you need to appeal an immigration decision, you must first petition the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) to review the case. If the BIA upholds the adverse decision, we might file a case with the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. There are 13 of these courts – one for every federal judicial circuit. 

We will review your situation and determine whether we can build a strong appeal for you. If so, we can file your appeal in the proper Circuit Court and fight for the outcome you deserve. 

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At IMMpact Litigation, we are a group of experienced immigration litigators from across the nation, all working to challenge and change unfair immigration policies, laws, and decisions. Contact us if you believe you need to escalate your immigration matter. 

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