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Federal Immigration Lawsuit Lawyer

Federal Immigration Lawsuit Lawyer

You might apply for an immigration benefit and receive what you believe is a wrongful denial – or you might receive no answer at all due to unreasonable delays. You or a family member might be detained by ICE and might wait entirely too long without a date in court in front of an immigration judge. 

In such situations, you might need to bring your matter before a federal court by filing a federal immigration lawsuit. These are highly complex matters that involve sophisticated laws and procedures. You need the federal immigration lawsuit lawyers from IMMpact Litigation on your side. 

Who We Are

IMMpact Litigation is not your everyday immigration law firm. We are a collection of highly experienced and dedicated attorneys from different firms across the United States. We commit our knowledge of immigration law to assist with advanced legal issues – many of which require federal litigation. 

We work to help the situations of individual clients, assist groups of clients in class-action lawsuits, and even change immigration law and policy to benefit the greater good. If you believe you have an immigration issue that requires court action, please reach out so we can evaluate your options and discuss how we might help today. 

Federal Lawsuits We Handle

We can bring immigration lawsuits in federal district court or file appeals with the federal circuit courts of appeals. In either situation, there are strict federal court procedures to follow, and we navigate this entire process for our clients. 

Some cases we might take on involve the following and more. 

Administrative Procedure Act Challenges – We might file lawsuits under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). These lawsuits are appropriate when an immigration agency makes a wrongful decision or enforces or promotes unfair rules. We can request federal court review of the agency’s actions. 

Writ of MandamusImmigration decisions can take a long time, but sometimes they take unreasonably long without a determination due to improper delays by officials. Delays in immigration decisions can affect your life in many ways. We can take action to request that a federal judge order the agency to make a decision in your case. 

Habeas CorpusWhen ICE officers detain someone and they are not brought before a court in a timely manner, we can file habeas corpus litigation in federal court. This asks for the court to compel ICE to bring you before an immigration judge for a hearing. 

Immigration appeals – If administrative appeals with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) fail, the next step might be to appeal by filing a case with the proper U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. 

Speak with a Federal Immigration Lawsuit Lawyer Today

Many people do not realize there are options when they experience adverse results in an immigration matter, whether it is a delay, denial, or wrongful detention. Always allow the team at IMMpact Litigation to evaluate your options. We will advise whether filing a federal immigration lawsuit is possible in your case. Contact our team today for additional information.

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