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Immigration Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

Immigration Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

Immigration policies, laws, and procedures are always changing in the United States. New leadership in government immigration agencies can change the way a department operates, including implementing policies that hurt immigration applicants or others in the immigration system. 

When policies and conduct by an immigration agency cause harm, the affected individual can take legal action in federal court to protect their rights and seek relief available under the law. When such policies or conduct hurt many people in the same manner, they have the option to join their cases together and bring one class action lawsuit instead of several individual cases. 

At IMMpact Litigation, our team of elite immigration class action litigators brings complicated immigration matters to court on a regular basis. We represent both individual plaintiffs and numerous plaintiffs at once in class action matters. 

If you believe you have an immigration-related matter for litigation, discuss your concerns with our team. We can advise whether you have a valid court case and identify whether others are in the same position, potentially leading to a class action lawsuit. Reach out today for more information. If you wait, you might lose your ability to participate in an applicable class action. 

Possible Immigration Class Actions

Our team handles different types of immigration lawsuits that might qualify as class actions. One common cause for class action lawsuits against immigration agencies is an unjustified and excessive delay in processing immigration petitions. Such delays can affect people or companies seeking:

  • Family-based green card petitions
  • Unlawful presence waivers
  • Employment authorization
  • Green cards
  • Asylum and humanitarian relief
  • Temporary protected status
  • Waivers of grounds of inadmissibility
  • Travel authorization
  • Citizenship applications

There is a backlog of millions of various immigration applications in the United States, and many people or employers must wait much longer than anticipated to obtain immigration benefits. When USCIS, the Department of Labor, or other agencies have excessive processing time, it can affect the family and livelihood of applicants who expected adjudication of their petitions in a reasonable time. 

Affected individuals who suffered harm due to excessive delays might file a class action lawsuit involving a writ of mandamus. Mandamus litigation requests that the court compels an immigration agency to act and make decisions on immigration applications. It does not compel the agency to decide in a favorable manner, but simply to make a decision. This way, the plaintiffs will know how to proceed and whether they need to appeal a denial. 

Other potential class action lawsuits might include claims under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), which challenges an immigration agency’s actions or rulemaking. Also possible is a class action habeas corpus action to challenge conduct regarding detention and deportation without upholding the rights of immigrants. 

Speak with an Immigration Litigation Attorney

At IMMpact Litigation, we handle immigration litigation in federal court, and we take on difficult cases involving class actions when appropriate. These lawsuits help to achieve individual goals, as well as change the immigration landscape for the better in the U.S. Contact us to discuss your situation today.

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