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Immigration Federal Court Attorney

Many immigration applications go as expected, and applicants receive the immigration benefits they need from USCIS. However, not everyone has a straightforward experience with the immigration system, as many complications can arise. Applications can be wrongfully delayed or denied, and pursuing justice in this situation can be significantly more complex than the initial stages of the immigration process. 

If you believe that immigration officials have mishandled your case, you should not hesitate to seek the right legal help. At IMMpact Litigation, our team of experienced immigration litigators represents clients in federal court for immigration appeals, and we can assess your options. Reach out today for assistance. 

Why IMMpact Litigation?

Most immigration firms handle individual applications for immigration benefits for clients in their areas. Our firm consists of a team of attorneys from immigration firms across the United States who work on higher-level immigration cases that require complex litigation. Whether it is an appeal or a class-action claim to seek justice for multiple clients at once, we aim to change the immigration process for the better through federal court proceedings. If you have a case that needs a federal claim, we can evaluate how we might help.

Cases We Handle

Many of our cases involve one or more clients, and we know the litigation results can lead to meaningful change across the entire system. Immigration is governed by federal law, so litigation must happen in federal court. We regularly handle cases in both federal district court and circuit courts of appeals. 

The type of litigation required will depend on the circumstances of each individual case, and our legal team handles the following cases, among others.

APA ChallengesWhen immigration agencies make unfair rules or even wrongful decisions on an individual matter, our lawyers can pursue claims under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA). Such claims involve challenging the action of the agency and requesting federal court review. 

Mandamus or Naturalization Litigation – Sometimes, immigration agencies unreasonably delay taking action on a matter. We might file a writ of mandamus with the federal courts, seeking the judge to compel the agency to act and decide on the matter. Mandamus litigation can also apply if your application for naturalization was unfairly delayed. If your naturalization application was wrongfully denied, we might file a request for a Denial of Application of Naturalization Hearing. 

Habeas CorpusIf officers from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) wrongfully detain someone or fail to provide them with a timely court hearing, we can file a petition for habeas corpus so they can have their day in court. 

Immigration Appeals in Circuit Court – If you receive an adverse immigration decision, your initial appeal will be with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). If the BIA upholds the decision, you will need to file an appeal with a proper federal circuit court of appeals, and we can help with this process. 

Learn More from an Immigration Federal Court Attorney Today

IMMPact Litigation is ready to help when you have a complex immigration matter that requires federal litigation. Contact our team to learn whether we can assist you in federal court. 

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