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Immigration Litigation Lawyer

Immigration Litigation Lawyer

Some immigration petitions go as planned, and you can receive your desired immigration benefits without much hassle. In other situations, non-citizens run into major roadblocks that prevent them from obtaining the immigration result they deserve. 

If USCIS or another immigration processing agency wrongfully delayed or denied your petition, or you have concerns relating to detention or deportation, you might need to pursue a lawsuit to obtain the proper outcome. You need a highly experienced immigration litigation attorney from IMMpact Litigation to handle this process and represent your rights. 

A Unique Team of Immigration Litigators

Our team of experienced immigration attorneys formed IMMpact Litigation to address urgent concerns regarding immigration procedures and policies. We formed our team from respected immigration law firms from across the United States, and our lawyers are all highly skilled litigators in federal court. We represent clients from across the U.S. and across the globe. 

We handle complex class action litigation in federal district court and the U.S. Courts of Appeals when necessary. Such litigation can bring about positive change in immigration policies and standards that benefit non-citizens and their families. These lawsuits involve intensive resources and effort, and we combine the resources of our team members to provide the representation our clients need. 

When several prominent immigration attorneys from Georgia, Colorado, Tennessee, and other states combine efforts and collaborate, it benefits everyone involved – and can effect positive change across the entire immigration system. We put our resources and immigration experience together to take on major issues with immigration policy in the U.S. 

Immigration policies often change significantly with the political climate in the United States, which can create unnecessary challenges for those seeking immigration benefits. No matter who is in charge of the U.S. government, immigrants and their families deserve to have advocacy for their rights. IMMpact Litigation is here to serve as such committed advocates for immigrants facing a wide range of challenges, including wrongfully denied petitions or detention without their timely day in court. 

By pursuing class action litigation on behalf of numerous plaintiffs experiencing the same challenges, our team has a powerful tool to call attention to immigration injustice and the necessary solutions to uphold the rights of immigrants. 

Common Immigration Litigation

Our legal team handles various types of cases on behalf of clients struggling with the immigration system, including:

Many immigration law firms do not handle much litigation, so they do not have the resources and court experience necessary to tackle major issues with the immigration system. With our curated team of respected immigration litigators, you will find the resources you need to pursue litigation in your immigration matter. 

Discuss Options with an Immigration Litigation Attorney

At IMMpact Litigation, we have many notable cases, but we also pursue cases that will never make the news. Our goal is to stand up for positive change whether or not we get recognition. Contact us to discuss possible immigration litigation today. 

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Through strategic litigation we can be the voice for equality and a more just legal system.

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