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Writ of Mandamus Attorney

All immigration matters can be complicated and confusing, but when your immigration case requires litigation, you need the right legal representation from highly experienced immigration litigation attorneys. At IMMPact Litigation, our powerhouse team of attorneys from immigration firms across the nation work together to pursue successful litigation on behalf of our immigration clients. One legal mechanism we can use in necessary cases is the writ of mandamus to ensure our clients obtain the legal relief they need and deserve. 

If your immigration case might require such litigation, reach out to our writ of mandamus attorneys immediately. 

Writs of Mandamus in the Immigration Context

When immigration cases require litigation filings, one option in appropriate situations is for our team to file a writ of mandamus. This is a filing in federal district court that can help when an immigration official or agency has failed to act as they should in your immigration matter. 

When you file an immigration petition or application, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or other applicable agencies have the duty to review your application and respond in a timely manner. For various reasons, some immigration matters fall through the cracks and stall out, leaving petitioners with no answers and without the immigration benefits they need. 

If you have tried to get answers from USCIS or other officials but received no sufficient responses, consult with our team about possible litigation options to compel USCIS to act on your application.   

The Mandamus Process

When it comes to mandamus litigation in immigration matters, it is important to note:

  • You must exhaust every possible remedy available at the administrative level before filing a writ of mandamus in federal district court. Sometimes, even the threat of mandamus litigation is enough to get the process going with USCIS.
  • A mandamus action does not require USCIS to reach a decision in your favor on your immigration petition. Instead, it only compels them to complete the review and make a decision based on the strength of your application and requirements.
  • A writ of mandamus will not provide relief if you suffered losses due to immigration processing delays. It can get the process moving, but will not provide retroactive relief for lost employment opportunities or other losses. 

When we receive word of unacceptable delays in immigration processing, we can first reach out to USCIS. Often, through the right legal communications, we can resolve the matter directly with the agency without having to file mandamus litigation in court. If USCIS still fails to act appropriately following direct communications, we can escalate the matter to federal court. Once we file a case, the agency might resolve the matter before the case makes it before a judge.

Learn More from Our Nationwide Writ of Mandamus Attorneys

When you experience delays in the immigration system, you might lose eligibility for benefits if you no longer meet the requirements over time. You should never wait too long to discuss your situation, as you might lose the opportunity for relief you deserve. The immigration dream team of IMMPact Litigation is ready to help, so please contact us right away for more information. 

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