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EAD Delay Lawsuit Plaintiff Onboarding Update




Thank you for your patience as we have continued to prepare our lawsuit against USCIS’ EAD processing delays. The reason that we have delayed the filing is because we have been in discussions with the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). As a result of these discussions, AILA is going to partner with us in the lawsuit. We have previously had success in the cases in which we have partnered with AILA and we believe this is a good thing for our case.

In addition, based on AILA participation and on recent results in our other cases, we are now preparing this case to be filed as a class action. We believe that filing the case as a class action gives us the best chance to succeed.

Our new target date for filing is: 10/13/2021

Please let us know if you have subsequently received your EAD approval and we will remove you from the lawsuit and refund your legal fee if you let us know before we file the lawsuit.

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