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EB-5 Regional Center Litigation 2022




EB-5 Regional Center Litigation 2022

Lawsuit Update 3-16-22 – Click here for more information.

Lawsuit Update 3-10-22 – Click here for more information.

Lawsuit Update 3-8-22 – Click here for more information.

Thank you for your interest in the IMMpact team’s new lawsuits challenging USCIS’ and the State Department’s refusal to process EB-5 regional center cases. We are working with The Galati Law Firm on this case.

Due to the change in law on March 14, we have updated our strategy for this case, and we have extended our onboarding deadline to Friday, March 25, 2022.

We will be filing three related lawsuits, asking federal judges to rule that USCIS and/or the Department of State have unreasonably delayed adjudicating your cases. We will argue that the government could and should have continued adjudicating your cases despite the expiration of the required minimum number of EB-5 visas set aside for Regional Center cases. We will be asking for the judge to order the government to process these cases expeditiously.

If you would like to join the lawsuit, please do all the following:

Step 1:  Review the updated FAQ to confirm that you qualify to participate, that you understand what the case is about and how the plaintiff fee works.

Step 2: Complete our engagement letter app. This will create an engagement letter (contract) for you to review and sign, and will automatically send a copy to our team and to you.

Step 3: Pay your legal fee here. The fee is $4000 per family, or $3000 for members of the American Immigrant Investor Alliance or plaintiffs in IMMPact’s previous EB-5 consular processing case, Fang v. Blinken.  If you have questions about payment, please contact litigation@immigrationissues.com.

Step 4: Use our declaration generator app to tell us more about how the government’s delay is affecting you. This helps us explain the real-world consequences of the government’s failure to the judge. Please complete only one declaration per family.

Once you have completed all the above steps, you have signed up!

You’ll receive an automatic email confirmation when we’ve received your engagement letter and declaration.  This, and your payment confirmation email, mean that you are in our database and will be included in our lawsuit.  If any information or documents are missing, we will contact you before filing the case. Otherwise, we’ll be in touch with all plaintiffs when we have filed the lawsuit with the court.

In the meantime, please do not contact our team asking for further confirmation that we have received your materials; this slows us down when we’re doing our best to prepare our filing quickly.

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