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I-601 Case Filed (Boulay et al v. Jaddou)

I-601 Case Filed (Boulay et al v. Jaddou)

We are happy to report that our complaint against USCIS for the unreasonable delays has been filed in the District Court of Nebraska.  A redacted copy of the complaint is attached. The court will soon assign a judge to the case and the government attorney will need to enter an appearance. The government will have 60 days to respond to this complaint—typically either through an answer responding to our allegations or through a motion to dismiss. In the meantime, we will open a line of communication with government counsel. Substantive updates will be provided by email and the case will be discussed during the weekly IMMpact livestreams on Tuesdays at 12:00 Eastern Time.  If you have questions, we request that you contact us through this online form so that it can be quickly forwarded to the most appropriate member of the IMMpact Team.

We thank you for entrusting us with your case and look forward to fighting for you and your families throughout this litigation.

Boulay et al v. Jaddou Complaint – View Here

Boulay et al v. Jaddou Amended Complaint – View Here

Boulay et al v. Jaddou Government Motion to Dismiss – View Here
On June 30, 2023, the government filed its Motion to Dismiss in Boulay v. Jaddou. We have attached a redacted copy of the Motion to Dismiss. The government motion relies on the arguments we have been anticipating and it will be critically important that our response is strong. The deadline for our response brief is 21 days from Friday. We will be hard at work on our brief and will let you know if anything further is needed from you. Once filed, we’ll have a copy available for your review.  After our brief, the government will have the opportunity to submit a reply brief and then the court will either decide on the Motion to Dismiss or set a hearing date for further argument. We look forward to fighting this on your behalf.

Plaintiffs’ Opposition to Motion to Dismiss

Plaintiffs’ Second Notice of Supplemental Authority

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