My wife’s and my applications were approved last week. They were filed in Oct 2020 and have been stuck in Texas since June 2021.

Right after the lawsuit was filed, our applications moved, and they were taken care of. We cannot thank you enough for taking the initiative and filing the suit. I am pretty sure we would still be stuck in the Texas center if you and your team hadn’t intervened.

I was one of the people affected by the 2015 “Visagate” fiasco, and you were the only one who picked up that issue and fought for us.

I hope you will keep fighting for the backlogged community and the immigrant community as a whole.



This weekend my (EB2) Green Card arrived in the mail. This was a surprise and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help, guidance, and advice over the past two years. I’m not sure this would have happened without the effort of the IMMpact litigation team. Thank you so very much for standing up for the rights of immigrants like myself!

Francois, Claudine, Caluhb, Sabryn and Keturah

We, as a family found out that I was selected for further processing in the DV2021 program on the 6th of June 2020, (this after almost 13 years of trying). Most people don’t realize it, but the chance of being selected is usually something like one-in-two-hundred-years…That’s why it’s so infuriating when ignorant people make comments like “just enter the DV again”. – Those early days of ecstasy and joy were soon replaced with uncertainty in watching how the KCC was dealing with the DV2020 selectees. As a result, I almost immediately started to familiarize myself with the legal landscape of DV processing and started reading up on previous cases and legal authorities. There is an old saying that “a wise man, prepares for war in a time of peace”. – Some of your names kept popping up in my research, and I started following Gomez with interest. That’s when I started the Facebook Group to ensure that we have sufficient numbers for when the DV2021 group needed it.

You all coming together under IMMpact Litigation was a smart move, and your various strengths most certainly worked together for the Goh group as a whole. – I watched how you chose the high road when you almost certainly could have made more money by extending the onboarding process to allow for more plaintiffs. We as a family faced almost insurmountable odds when KCC finally processed our paperwork months after they were supposed to. I was in an ICU ward in hospital fighting for my life, while my wife and children had to go on a “next day” notice to the Embassy, knowing they would be shown a way because I, as the main applicant couldn’t be there. In the end, everything worked out… Bottom of the ninth, with seconds on the clock! Our passports were finally delivered back to us on the 30th of September (the cut-off date for DV2021’s fiscal year), and we have our visas! Thank you for having our backs. Backing you as a group was certainly a good move on my part, and we as a family are most grateful for everything you have done collectively for DV2021 during this turbulent year. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I am going to miss those Monday night updates.

Know, that through the side-line criticism and sometimes silly remarks, your efforts make a real difference in people’s lives. Even though you can’t always change the world, sometimes if you change the world for one (1) person, I might just be enough. – Here you changed five (5) lives

Sangita S.

We are happy and grateful to all of you. Your efforts and our faith in you have succeeded. We appeared in an interview on Sep 01 successfully and received a visa on Sep 27. Thanks to the entire team. We can’t repay you. All of your efforts will never be forgotten. We have planned to enter the US around the last week of November. We will meet you if it seems possible. God bless you, God bless all the members!


Dear Charles, Greg, Aaron, Jeff, and team! I would like to thank you for your help and effort. You gave us a chance to fight for our dream. This litigation was the light at the end of the tunnel!! I never had a doubt about you and your team. You are the best DV guardians. We will continue to pursue our dream and fight for our interview. And I strongly believe that one day we will come to shake your hands personally and give you hugs!


Thank you for the win. At least your work ensured much more visas were issued/ would be issued without litigation. You and your team are a gift to humanity. Thank you. God bless!

Brendon F.

I joined the Milligan V Pompeo suit late last year with the hopes that I would be able to get to live with my fiancé in a timeline of months instead of years. Thanks to the excellent job the team did, I was able to be reunited in February 2021, and we are now married. Thanks IMMpact team!

Wail R.

IMMpact, we DV2020 can’t thank you enough for your endless support and extreme efforts you’ve done for us, words aren’t enough to express how much you are a great team. We will always be grateful for all of your efforts and hard work you did on our behalf. Thank you so much for you. Thanks for all you have done for us. You are the hope that we had for our dream. God bless you.


They did very well. They worked very hard for all DV2020 to get our visa and our rights to enter USA during the visa valid date, fought in court with his full power. Handled our case with passion and honesty. I strongly recommend them to anyone.

Elisabeth E.

Without IMMpact we would not have been able to marry on Monday – thanks for all your work on behalf of us K1s and Milligan v Pompeo! Love wins.

Joseph Y.

I was a DV lottery selector and because of Trump’s proclamation that stopped the visa process and entering the USA. I contacted IMMpact and they were very helpful, they are such a great team and a awesome lawyers now. I have a valid visa to enter the United States after the ban expires. IMMpact thank you for everything, thank you for standing with us and fighting for us…I wish to you great success.

Manal A.

Great lawyer. I can not thank you enough. You saved me and my family from losing our immigration opportunity. You aren’t just a lawyer, you fight on behalf of us, you have a great sense of humanity. Thank you on behalf of all DV 2020 winners who are grateful but can’t reach you.

Hüseyin K.

We as DV visa holders got help from IMMpact when things were not looking bright, at all. There seemed to be no way to be back in the USA. As of today, we are in the USA and it’s all because of IMMpact. Literally, all because of their help. They will answer your call or email without making you wait, calm you down in tough situations, always be caring. That’s why they are the best for us. We will be thankful to them forever and recommending them to anyone who is in need regarding immigration.

Ali K.

Best immigration lawyers. Finally entered the USA. Thank you for what you have done for #DV2020 and #DV2021.

Mamad A.

IMMpact strongly believes in fairness in immigration policies and tries hard to use their knowledge and power in the right way.

Valeriya N.

IMMpact are great lawyers, I am so happy that I am a plaintiff in their lawsuit! During the entire waiting period, they regularly organize video conferences, answers all questions, explains everything very clearly, encourages people and make fun jokes. With these videos, I even improved my English because they have amazing diction and pronunciation and I can recognize every word he says. I also watched and listened to the court hearings and his speech exceeded all my expectations. I can’t even imagine who could defend my interests in court better than them! This is the best lawyer in the universe!

Victoria S.

IMMpact are very professional immigration lawyers. You should have heard the way he represents his plaintiffs in court, how persuasive and impressive he is. His arguments and proofs are very precise and correspond to U.S. law and ruling. I would definitely recommend this lawyer team.


They are fighting for immigration rights, they always has a smile on their face which gives you confidence in your cases. Thank you, IMMpact. We believe in you.

Nicholas E.

Recently joined round three of the Milligan V. Pompeo case with this firm. I was promptly notified that I had been accepted and placed into the suit and given a brief update of what to expect next. So far very pleased at the responsiveness and professionalism displayed. It’s been a stressful time as anyone can imagine and now having some hope is a wonderful thing.

Sharan P.

Everybody I worked with was friendly and professional. They all seemed very knowledgeable about the process. Everything went very smoothly which was a big relief for me and my family.

Daniel L.

Charles does not know the following word: impossible. He is really helpful and kind. If you have any issues you can rely on him.

Gilberto M.

Professional and all charges were explained in advance, no surprise last-minute expenses that are so prevalent with other firms.

Maysa M.

Great professional lawyer. Helped to fix my case with USCIS after having trouble with administrative error. He did exactly what he said within a reasonable time. Highly recommended.


Amazing service, great knowledge and insight if the immigration legal world. I’m a client since December last year and I could not be more satisfied!

Safa S.

Excellent immigration lawyer, thank you for all the hard work, Mr. Aaron Hall.

Ali A.

I strongly recommend them, they take your case as if it’s theirs. Passionate about their clients. Shoutout to the young professional attorney Johnna Main Bailey. She has done more than her job to assure I’m well taken care of and my case is represented accordingly.

Candace M.

I highly recommend IMMpact! Totally professional, capable and attentive. Exceeded our expectations! Achieved exactly what we set out to achieve even when we were thrown a couple of unexpected curve balls. We are so grateful to have had this team of highly educated professionals on our side!

Denver R.

My name is Khaled Zaky. IMMpact team has the best immigration attorney in Denver. Do your research on them. Well respected and will not play with your case. Thanks again for all the priceless work you have put in. Recommending to everyone that has an immigration case.

Kaitlyn R.

I have to say, one of the most organized, professional lawyers I’ve been to in a long time. Phones always answered. Meetings are always on time. If you have questions for your lawyer through email, they answer you in a timely manner, if not the lawyer then their paralegal. Very informative.

Nicholas G.

I had a consultation via phone with the IMMpact team on February 2021. It was solely to go over some concerns/clarify actions to take with my I-751 petition. They were great in giving impartial, honest advice, allowing me to hit them with question after question and putting my mind at ease. I was filling and filing this petition by myself so just needed a professional opinion on certain areas of the form. You can trawl through the internet for hours and hours to find multiple answers to the same question. Just bite the bullet and speak to someone who does this every day. The help was much appreciated. Highly recommend IMMpact.

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