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Travel Ban Litigation (Kinsley v. Blinken)

Travel Ban Litigation (Kinsley v. Blinken)

In this case, we are challenging the ability of the State Department to deny visas based on regional travel bans (Brazil, Schengen area, India, China, Iran, South Africa, Ireland and the United Kingdom).

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Good news for H-1B visa holders stranded in India

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Greg Siskind, one of the immigration attorneys who is representing the plaintiffs, said: “This is a pretty important win for us because it [the lawsuit] was specifically aimed at killing the illegal interpretation across the board and not just for the plaintiffs. This will also hopefully bar a President in the future from abusing this power.”

Charles Kuck, another immigration lawyer representing the plaintiffs added: “We are grateful that Judge Boasberg saw through the cascade of baseless legal theories put forward by the Department of State to finally and affirmatively rule that it is a violation of federal law to refuse to issues visas solely because a President has proclaimed an entry ban under the Immigration and Nationality Act – 212(f). We call on the Department of State to now do away with its ridiculous and legally unnecessary national interest exemption program and get back to the business of visa issuance around the world regardless of those entry bans.

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