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IMMpact Immigration Litigation Welcomes Powerhouse Firm Wasden Bless & Forney




IMMpact Immigration Litigation Welcomes Powerhouse Firm Wasden Bless & Forney

IMMpact Immigration Litigation is pleased to announce the first addition to our group of law firms since the joint venture’s founding in 2020. Wasden Bless & Forney has now joined our litigation team and will bring IMMpact to an even higher level in our efforts for meaningful changes to the US immigration system.

IMMpact was created by Kuck Baxter in Atlanta, Joseph and Hall in Denver and Siskind Susser in Memphis with the goal of being able to pool resources from three of the country’s best-known immigration practices to pursue mass immigration-related litigation. The venture has so far filed 23 federal cases including challenging various State Department visa bans, an illegally promulgated Department of Labor regulation, various cases relating to unreasonable delays in the processing of immigration benefits, and more.

Wasden Bless & Forney, was founded by Jonathan Wasden, Jesse Bless and Geoff Forney. Each attorney previously worked for the United States Department of Justice’s Office of Immigration Litigation. Jon and Geoff also served as attorneys at the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Labor respectively. Mr. Bless previously partnered with IMMPact Litigation during his tenure as the Director of Litigation for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. The collective experience of WBF litigating for and against immigration-related agencies in federal court will add a unique perspective to IMMPact.

The four firms believe their combined efforts will lead to an even greater effectiveness in being able to force immigration agencies to be held accountable for delivering the benefits they promise as well as improving their overall performance.

Chuck Kuck, the founder of member firm Kuck Baxter notes “We are excited and honored to have this amazing team of immigration litigators join the IMMpact Litigation team. Their individual and combined experience in federal court and deep knowledge of government litigation tactics allows IMMpact to offer our clients an unprecedented depth of skill and capacity.”

Jon Wasden, a partner at Wasden Bless & Forney states “Meaningful and high impact success in the field of immigration litigation requires a deep and broad-based bench of talent. Joining IMMpact was an opportunity too great to pass up and Jesse, Geoff and I look forward to working alongside our incredibly talented teammates to right wrongs wherever and whenever we find them. “

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